From a young age Jen insisted on rearranging her furniture on a regular basis. Fast forward twenty years later, and it’s highly likely you will walk into her home and wonder what is different? As a designer, her rule of thumb is it’s all in the details. You can spend as much money as you want building or remodeling a home, but if you don’t have the furniture and accessories to bring it together, your home will never feel complete. Sometimes all that means is simply re-styling what you have while adding a handful of new pieces. Other times it’s starting from scratch, out with the old, in with the new. If you need help showcasing your pieces or purchasing new, we offer styling services to help revitalize your space.  

It’s all in the details


We don’t believe in rules, we believe in cohesive homes that reflect our clients personalities and creating a place that they love. We specialize in effortlessly mixed styles on moderate budgets. If you are looking for a more in depth design service where we take care of everything, than our full service interior design is what you need. We start at inspiration and end at construction completion. We guide you through the entire design process. Inspiration boards, materials, furniture and decor, space planning, project management and finally a day of styling to bring it all together.   


Jen approaches each client's task as a unique challenge. This allows her to help style interiors as well as special occasions that compliment her client's individual style and vision. Like styling a home, styling a party is just as important. Whether it's an informal gathering, small event or even a kids party, the details matter. Jen can help create inspiration, purchase and spend a day styling your party. Throwing a party can be expensive and time consuming. Often a table can be brought to life with some new key pieces while still using your existing serveware, dishes and other odds and ends around the house. The details matter!