From a young age Jen insisted on rearranging her furniture on a regular basis. Fast forward twenty years, and it’s highly likely you will walk into her home and wonder what’s different? As a designer, her rule of thumb is it’s all in the details. 

With over 10 years of experience, her success in designing thoughtful and stylish spaces comes from her strength in uncovering the perfect individual style for each client. She believes in comfort, style and beauty, not rules, stuffiness or perfection. 

Jen has spent many years working in the commercial design world. Talented in commercial design, passionate about hospitality design, she still consults on commercial jobs regularly and truly enjoys the satisfaction that comes with working so closely with her residential and commercial design clients.  She truly appreciates all design styles and enjoys exploring trends and pieces distinct to each project. Her modern aesthetic and eye for detail has helped create many successful spaces across the country.